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shebarim Summary and Overview

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shebarim in Easton's Bible Dictionary

breaks; ruins, a place near Ai (Josh. 7:5; R.V. marg., "the quarries").

shebarim in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(the breaches), a place named in #Jos 7:5| only, as one of the points in the flight from Ai.

shebarim in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHEB'ARIM (ruins), a place near Ai to which the Israelites were pursued. Josh 7:5. The term may mean "precipices," or possibly "fissures," but the location is unknown.

shebarim in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Joshua 7:5. From sheber "a fracture," stone quarries near the slope E. of the town (Keil), or else a spot where were fissures in the soil, gradually deepening until they ended in a precipice to the ravine by which Israel had come from Gilgal, "the going down" margin, Hebrew Ha-Morad.