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sharuhen in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(refuge of grace), a town named in #Jos 19:6| only among those which were in Jadah to Simeon. It is identified with Sheriah a large ruin in the south country, northwest of Beersheba.

sharuhen in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHARU'HEN (pleasant dwelling), a city in Simeon. Josh 19:6. It was in the "south country," and may have been identical with the large ruin esh-Sheriah, north-west of Beer-sheba.

sharuhen in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A town in Judah allotted to Simeon (Joshua 19:6). Called SHILHIM in Joshua 15:32, SHAARAIM in 1 Chronicles 4:31. The name may be preserved in Tell Sheriah, half way between Gaza and Beersheba, ten miles W. of the latter, Bir es Seba, at the head of wady Sheri'ah i.e. "the watering place."