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shaaraim in Easton's Bible Dictionary

two gates. (1.) A city in the plain of Judah (1 Sam. 17:52); called also Sharaim (Josh. 15:36). (2.) A town in Simeon (1 Chr. 4:31).

shaaraim in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHAARA'IM (two gates). 1. A city in the plain of Judah; called also Sharaim. 1 Sam 17:52; Josh 15:36. Probably identical with the ruin Saireh, west of Beit Atab. 2. A town in Simeon. 1 Chr 4:31. In the list of Joshua it appears as Sharuhen and Shilem, which see.

shaaraim in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("two gateways".) A city assigned to Judah (Joshua 15:36; 1 Samuel 17:52). In the Shephelah. (See SHEPHELAH.) (1 Chronicles 4:31). (See SHILHIM.) The Septuagint read Sakarim, which favors identifying Shaaraim with Tell Zekariah above the southern bank of the valley of Elah, a large hill with terraced sides and caves.