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serug in Easton's Bible Dictionary

branch, the father of Nahor (Gen. 11:20-23); called Saruch in Luke 3:35.

serug in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(branch), son of Reu and great grandfather of Abraham. His age is given in the Hebrew Bible as 230 years. #Ge 11:20-23| (B.C. 2180.)

serug in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SE'RUG (branch), one of the post-diluvian patriarchs, in the line of Shem, Gen 11:20, Heb 12:23; 1 Chr 1:26; called Saruch in Luke 3:35.

serug in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Reu's son, great grandfather of Abraham (as to his age, see CHRONOLOGY); in the Hebrew 230 years, 30 before begetting Nahor, 200 afterward; but in Septuagint 130 before begetting Nahor, making 330. One of many systematic variations lengthening the interval between the flood and Abraham from 292 to 1172, or as the Alexandrinus manuscript 1072. Epiphanius (Haer. 1:6, section 8) says Serug means "provocation," and that idolatry began in his time, but confined to pictures, and that the religion of mankind up to his time was Scythic, after Serug and the building of the Babel tower it was Hellenic or Greek.