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senir in Easton's Bible Dictionary

=Shenir, the name given to Hermon by the Amorites (Deut. 3:9). It means "coat of mail" or "breastplate," and is equivalent to "Sirion." Some interpret the word as meaning "the prominent" or "the snowy mountain." It is properly the name of the central of the three summits of Hermon (q.v.).

senir in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(snow mountain), #1Ch 5:23; Eze 27:5| the Amorite name for Mount Hermon.

senir in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SE'NIR (coat-of-mail, or cataract), a name for Mount Hermon. 1 Chr 5:23; Eze 27:5. See Hermon.

senir in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1 Chronicles 5:23; Ezekiel 27:5. Wrongly changed to Shenir in Deuteronomy 3:9-10; Song of Solomon 4:8. (See HERMON.)