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sela-hammahlekoth Summary and Overview

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sela-hammahlekoth in Easton's Bible Dictionary

cliff of divisions the name of the great gorge which lies between Hachilah and Maon, south-east of Hebron. This gorge is now called the Wady Malaky. This was the scene of the interview between David and Saul mentioned in 1 Sam.26:13. Each stood on an opposing cliff, with this deep chasm between.

sela-hammahlekoth in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(the cliff of escapes or of divisions), a rock or cliff in the wilderness of Maon, southeast of Hebron, the scene of one of those remarkable escapes which are so frequent in the history of Saul's pursuit of David. #1Sa 23:28|

sela-hammahlekoth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SE'LA-HAMMAHLE'KOTH (rock of divisions), a natural stronghold in the wilderness Maon, south-east of Hebron, and where David made a remarkable escape from Saul. 1 Sam 23:28. It has been identified with a place in the present Wady Malaky, east of Maon.

sela-hammahlekoth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("the rock of divisions".) (Targum, Midrash, Rashi), "the rock of escapes" (Gesenius): 1 Samuel 23:28. S.E. of Judah, in the wilderness of Maon, where David was on one side of the mountain, Saul on the other. A message announcing a Philistine invasion caused "divisions" in Saul's mind, whether to pursue David still or go after the invaders. David narrowly escaped.