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sabaoth in Easton's Bible Dictionary

the transliteration of the Hebrew word "tsebha'oth", meaning "hosts," "armies" (Rom. 9:29; James 5:4). In the LXX. the Hebrew word is rendered by "Almighty." (See Rev. 4:8; compare Isa. 6:3.) It may designate Jehovah as either (1) God of the armies of earth, or (2) God of the armies of the stars, or (3) God of the unseen armies of angels; or perhaps it may include all these ideas.

sabaoth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SAB'AOTH (hosts). The phrase "Lord of Sabaoth" occurs twice in the N.T. - in Rom 9:29 and Jas 5:4. It is a common blunder to understand it as referring to the Sabbath or as implying rest. But it is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew Tsebaoth, "hosts" or "armies," so often recurring in the O.T., "the Lord of hosts," Isa 1:9, "the Lord God of hosts" - i.e., the heavenly bodies, the angels, or the people of God. Sometimes it means nothing more than that God will guide Israel to victory.