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rezin in Easton's Bible Dictionary

firm; a prince, a king of Syria, who joined Pekah (q.v.) in an invasion of the kingdom of Judah (2 Kings 15:37; 16:5-9; Isa. 7:1-8). Ahaz induced Tiglath-pileser III. to attack Damascus, and this caused Rezin to withdraw for the purpose of defending his own kingdom. Damascus was taken, and Rezin was slain in battle by the Assyrian king, and his people carried into captivity, B.C. 732 (2 Kings 16:9).

rezin in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(firm). 1. King of Damascus. He attacked Jotham during the latter part of his reign, #2Ki 15:37| but his chief war was with Ahaz, whose territories he invaded, in conjunction with Pekah about B.C. 741. Though unsuccessful is his siege of Jerusalem, #2Ki 16:5; Isa 7:1| he "recovered Elath to Syria." #2Ki 16:6| Soon after this he was attacked defeated and slain by Tiglath-pileser II, king of Assyria. #2Ki 16:9| 2. One of the families of the Nethinim. #Ezr 2:48; Ne 7:50| (B.C. before 536.)

rezin in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

RE'ZIN (stable, firm). 1. King of Damascus; allied himself with Pekah and defeated Ahaz, but was himself defeated by Tiglath-pileser II., his capital destroyed, and his people carried away into captivity. 2 Kgs 15:37; 2 Kgs 16:5-9; Isa 7:1-8; Isa 8:6; Eze 9:11. 2. One whose descendants returned with Zerubbabel. Ezr 2:48; Neh 7:50.

rezin in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. King of Damascus. The Israelite Pekah's ally, always mentioned first in the war against Ahaz of Judah (Isaiah 7:4-8; Isaiah 7:8; Isaiah 17:1; 2 Kings 15:37; 2 Kings 16:5-9). (See PEKAH.) He previously attacked Jotham. Rezin wrested from Judah Elath on the gulf of Akabah of the Red Sea. But Ahaz invited Tiglath Pileser to his help, who took Damascus and slew Rezin, fulfilling Isaiah's prophecy. His aim had been to put a creature of his own on the throne of Judah, "the son of Tabeal." Tiglath Pileser having reduced Syria to be tributary before treated Rezin as a rebel, and carried away the Syrians captive to (See KIR . In the monuments records his defeat of Rezin and Damascus. 2. A family of the Nethinim (Ezra 2:48; Nehemiah 7:50). A non-Israelite name.