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lodge in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a shed for a watchman in a garden (Isa. 1:8). The Hebrew name "melunah" is rendered "cottage" (q.v.) in Isa. 24:20. It also denotes a hammock or hanging-bed.

lodge in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

LODGE . Isa 1:8. See Garden.

lodge in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

To pass the night (Hebrew luwn ). Isaiah 10:29, the Assyrian invaders "have taken their lodging (their bivouac) at Geba." Song 7:11; Nehemiah 4:22. The "lodge" (Isaiah 1:8), and "cottage" (24:20), "the earth shall reel to and fro ... and be removed as a cottage," refer to a temporary hut, or in the latter passage a hammock suspended from trees, to secure from wild beasts the watcher of gardens or lands in the night.