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jot in Easton's Bible Dictionary

or Iota, the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet, used metaphorically or proverbially for the smallest thing (Matt. 5:18); or it may be = yod, which is the smallest of the Hebrew letters.

jot in Smith's Bible Dictionary

the English form of the Greek iota, i.e., the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet. The Hebrew is yod, or y formed like a comma ('). It is used metaphorically to express the minutest thing.

jot in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

JOT , Matt 5:18, or YOD (in Greek Iota). This is the name of the Hebrew letter i, which letter is the least of all the letters of the alphabet, being shaped not unlike our comma (,), and proverbially used by the Hebrews to signify the least thing imaginable; and hence the text expresses the idea that not the least requirement of the commandments of God shall in any wise be dispensed with; they shall all stand to the very letter.