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ithrite in Easton's Bible Dictionary

two of David's warriors so designated (2 Sam. 23:38; 1 Chr. 11:40).

ithrite in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(belonging to Jether), The, the designation of two of the members of David's guard, Ira and Gareb. #2Sa 23:38; 1Ch 11:40| They may have come from Jattir, in the mountains of Judah. (B.C 1046.)

ithrite in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ITH'RITE , THE, the designation of two of David's warriors. 2 Sam 23:38; 1 Chr 11:40.

ithrite in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Designation of two of David's guard, Ira and Gareb (2 Samuel 23:38; 1 Chronicles 11:40; 1 Chronicles 2:53). Jattir was in the mountains of Judah, one of David's "haunts," where he had "friends" to whom he sent of the Amalekite spoils (1 Samuel 30:26-27; 1 Samuel 30:31).