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heres in Easton's Bible Dictionary

sun. (1.) "Mount Heres" (Judg. 1:35), Heb. Har-heres, i.e., "sun-mountain;" probably identical with Irshemesh in Josh. 19:41. (2.) Isa. 19:18, marg. (See ON T0002786.)

heres in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(the sun), #Jud 1:35| a city of Dan, in Mount Ephraim, near Ajalon; possibly identical with Mount Jearim (Ir-shemesh, city of the gun).

heres in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HE'RES (sun). 1. Mount Heres, Jud 1:35; possibly the same as Ir-she-mesh; perhaps at, Kefe Huris. 2. Heres, Isa 19:18 (margin), but the text reads "city of destruction." Calvin did not regard it as a proper name; Poole regards it as an Egyptian city inhabited by the Jews.