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helkath in Easton's Bible Dictionary

smoothness, a town of Asher, on the east border (Josh. 19:25; 21:31); called also Hukok (1 Chr. 6:75).

helkath in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(portion), the town named as the starting-point for the boundary of the tribe of Asher, #Jos 19:25| and allotted with its "suburbs" to the Gershonite Levites. ch. #Jos 21:31| Perhaps Yerka, seven miles from Acre.

helkath in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HEL'KATH (portion), a Levitical city of Asher, Josh 19:25; Josh 21:31, and called Hukok in 1 Chr 6:75; probably the modern Yerka, a village 7 miles north-west of Acre.

helkath in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

The town where the boundary of Asher began, proceeding from S. to N. (Joshua 19:25.) Allotted to the Gershonite Levites (Joshua 21:31). HUKOK in 1 Chronicles 6:75.