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helbon in Easton's Bible Dictionary

fat; i.e., "fertile", (Ezek. 27: 18 only), a place whence wine was brought to the great market of Tyre. It has been usually identified with the modern Aleppo, called Haleb by the native Arabs, but is more probably to be found in one of the villages in the Wady Helbon, which is celebrated for its grapes, on the east slope of Anti-Lebanon, north of the river Barada (Abana).

helbon in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fertile), a place mentioned only in #Eze 27:18| Geographers have hitherto represented Helbon as identical with the city of Aleppo, called Haleb by the Arabs; but there are strong reasons against this, and the ancient city must be identified with a village within a few miles of Damascus still bearing the ancient name Helbon, and still celebrated as producing the finest grapes in the country.

helbon in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HEL'BON (fertile), a Syrian city celebrated for its wine, Eze 27:18, and formerly identified with Aleppo, but later with Helbon, in a wild glen high up in the Anti-Lebanon. This valley is celebrated for its fine grapes and vineyards. Robinson says "the wine of Helbon" is the best and most famous wine in the country, while Aleppo produces none of any special reputation.

helbon in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("fat".) "The wine of Helbon and white wool" Ezekiel (Ezekiel 27:18) makes Damascus supply to Tyre. Not Aleppo, which is a long overland journey from Damascus, but a village still called Helbon, three hours and a half journey N. of Damascus, high up in a wild glen of Anti-Lebanon; still famed for the finest grapes, also a depot for wool through its trade with the Bedouin shepherds.