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hazerim in Easton's Bible Dictionary

villages, probably the name of the temporary villages in which the nomad Avites resided (Deut. 2:23).

hazerim in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(villages). The Avim, or more accurately the Avvim, are said to have lived "in the villages (Authorized Version 'Hazerim') as far as Gaza," #De 2:23| before their expulsion by the Caphtorim.

hazerim in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HAZE'RIM (the villages). In Deut 2:28 we read that the Avim dwelt in Hazerim, even unto Azzeh or Gaza; and the notice of the Avites in Josh 13:3-4, as the most southern of the tribes inhabiting the Canaanitish country clearly identifies their land with the mountains of Azazimeh. See Palmer's Desert of the Exodus (Amer. ed.), p. 360.

hazerim in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

The villages or "enclosures" of the wandering Avvim, the ancient occupants of southwestern Israel (Deuteronomy 2:28). (See HAZAR.)