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halhul in Easton's Bible Dictionary

full of hollows, a town in the highlands of Judah (Josh. 15:58). It is now a small village of the same name, and is situated about 5 miles NE of Hebron on the way to Jerusalem. There is an old Jewish tradition that Gad, David's seer (2 Sam. 24:11), was buried here.

halhul in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(trembling), a town of Judah in the mountain district. #Jos 16:68| The name still remains unaltered attached to a conspicuous hill a mile to the left of the road from Jerusalem to Hebron, between three and four miles from the latter.

halhul in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HAL'HUL (trembling), a town in the mountains of Judah, Josh 15:58. Its ruins, having the same name, Halhul, are found on the eastern slope of a hill 4 miles north of Hebron, where is also an old mosque dedicated to Neby Yunas, the prophet Jonah.

halhul in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A town in the Judah mountains. The hill is still so named, with ruins of walls and foundations, a mile to the left of the road from Jerusalem to Hebron, four miles front the latter. A mosque stands there, named Nebi Yunus, the prophet Jonah