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haggith in Easton's Bible Dictionary

festive; the dancer, a wife of David and the mother of Adonijah (2 Sam. 3:4; 1 Kings 1:5, 11; 2:13; 1 Chr. 3:2), who, like Absalom, was famed for his beauty.

haggith in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(festive; a dancer), one of David's wives, the mother of Adonijah. #2Sa 3:4; 1Ki 1:6| (B.C. 1053.)

haggith in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HAG'GITH (a dancer), one of David's wives, and the mother of Adonijah. 2 Sam 3:4; 1 Kgs 1:5, etc.

haggith in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("a dancer".) One of David's wives, Adonijah's mother (2 Samuel 3:4).