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hadattah Summary and Overview

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hadattah in Easton's Bible Dictionary

new, one of the towns in the extreme south of Judah (Josh. 15:25).

hadattah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(new). According to the Authorized Version, one of the towns of Judah in the extreme south. #Jos 15:25|

hadattah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

HADAT'TAH (new), a town named as in the extreme south of Judah. Josh 15:25. Fuerst proposes to read Hazorhadattah (New Hazor), as distinct from the Hazor in v. Acts 15:23; Wilton would identify it with an imposing ruin called Kaer el-Adadah.

hadattah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A town in the extreme S. of Judah (Joshua 15:25), the Qeri (the Hebrew margin) reads Hazor-hadattah, i.e New Hazor. So Eusebius and Jerome; but they place it near and E. of Ascalon, which is in the shephelah, whereas Joshua places it among towns of S. Judah. Now El-Hudhaira, S. of Jebel Khulil (Robinson).