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ghost in Easton's Bible Dictionary

an old Saxon word equivalent to soul or spirit. It is the translation of the Hebrew "nephesh" and the Greek "pneuma", both meaning "breath," "life," "spirit," the "living principle" (Job 11:20; Jer. 15:9; Matt. 27:50; John 19:30). The expression "to give up the ghost" means to die (Lam. 1:19; Gen. 25:17; 35:29; 49:33; Job 3:11). (See HOLY GHOST T0001805.)

ghost in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

GHOST . Gen 25:8. To "give up the ghost" means to expire, "Ghost" is used by Shakespeare and other English writers as synonymous with "spirit." The words in Matt 27:50 would be better translated:" Christ gave up his spirit." Holy Ghost. The third person in the Holy Trinity. See God, Spirit.