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gera in Easton's Bible Dictionary

grain. (1.) The son of Bela and grandson of Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:3, 5,7). (2.) The father of Ehud the judge (Judg. 3:15). (3.) The father of Shimei, who so grossly abused David (2 Sam. 16:5; 19:16, 18).

gera in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(a grain), one of the "sons," i.e. descendants, of Benjamin. #Ge 46:21| Gera, who is named, #Jud 3:15| as the ancestor of Ehud, and in #2Sa 16:5| as the ancestor of Shimei who cursed David, is probably also the same person (though some consider them different persons).

gera in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

GE'RA (a grain). 1. A son or grandson of Benjamin. Gen 46:21; 1 Chr 8:3, 1 Chr 8:5, 1 Chr 8:7. 2. The father of Ehud. Jud 3:15. 3. The father of Shimei. 2 Sam 16:5; 2 Sam 19:16; 1 Kgs 2:8.

gera in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Son, i.e. descendant, of Benjamin; enumerated in the list when Jacob went into Egypt (Genesis 46:21); son of Bela (1 Chronicles 8:3, where probably but one Gera is genuine); in the loins of his grandfather Benjamin then, but not actually born until after the going to Egypt and before Jacob's death. Numbers 26 omits Gera as not being head of a family hut being one of the Belaites; his mention in Genesis implies that ultimately he became head of a family. Gera, Ehud's ancestor, and Gera, Shimei's ancestor, is the same person (Judges 3:15; 2 Samuel 16:5).