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gareb in Easton's Bible Dictionary

scabby; itch. (1.) One of David's warriors (2 Sam. 23:38), an Ithrite. (2.) A hill near Jerusalem (Jer. 31:39), probably the hill of lepers, and consequently a place outside the boundary of the city.

gareb in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(scabby), one of the heroes of David's army. #2Sa 23:38|

gareb in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

GA'REB (scabby), one of David's warriors. 2 Sam 23:38; 1 Chr 11:40.

gareb in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. 2 Samuel 23:38; 1 Chronicles 2:58. 2. The hill near Jerusalem (Jeremiah 31:39). From Hebrew gaarab "to scrape," Syriac, leprosy, the locality outside the city to which lepers were removed, on the N.W. side of the city, W. of the valley of Gihon. Even the localities whose name implies they are now outside shall at last be taken within the new Jerusalem (Matthew 8:14; Luke 17:11-19).