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ford in Easton's Bible Dictionary

Mention is frequently made of the fords of the Jordan (Josh. 2:7; Judg. 3:28; 12:5, 6), which must have been very numerous; about fifty perhaps. The most notable was that of Bethabara. Mention is also made of the ford of the Jabbok (Gen. 32:22), and of the fords of Arnon (Isa. 16:2) and of the Euphrates (Jer. 51:32).

ford in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

FORD , a word frequently used to designate the crossing of any stream, but especially of the Jordan, as Josh 2:7; Jud 3:28; Jud 12:5-6; of the Jabbok, Gen 32:22; of the Arnon, Isa 16:2; of the Euphrates. Jer 51:32. Until recently the fords of the Jordan were supposed to be only 8 or 10 in number, but the British Palestine Survey has noted about 50.