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flute in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a musical instrument, probably composed of a number of pipes, mentioned Dan. 3:5, 7, 10, 15. In Matt. 9:23, 24, notice is taken of players on the flute, here called "minstrels" (but in R.V. "flute-players"). Flutes were in common use among the ancient Egyptians.

flute in Smith's Bible Dictionary

#1Ki 1:40| (marg., PIPE), a musical instrument mentioned amongst others, #Da 3:5,7,10,15| as used at the worship of the golden image which Nebuchadnezzar had set up. It bore a close resemblance to the modern flute, and was made of reeds, of copper, and other material. It was the principal wind-instrument.

flute in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

FLUTE . See Pipe.

flute in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

See Music, Instruments, Dancing.