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flagon in Easton's Bible Dictionary

Heb. ashishah, (2 Sam. 6:19; 1 Chr. 16:3; Cant. 2:5; Hos. 3:1), meaning properly "a cake of pressed raisins." "Flagons of wine" of the Authorized Version should be, as in the Revised Version, "cakes of raisins" in all these passages. In Isa. 22:24 it is the rendering of the Hebrew "nebel", which properly means a bottle or vessel of skin. (Compare 1 Sam. 1:24; 10:3; 25:18; 2 Sam. 16:1, where the same Hebrew word is used.)

flagon in Smith's Bible Dictionary

a word employed in the Authorized Version to render two distinct Hebrew terms: 1. Ashishah, #2Sa 6:19; 1Ch 16:3; So 2:5; Ho 3:1| It really means a cake of pressed raisins. Such cakes were considered as delicacies; they were also offered to idols. 2. Nebel, #Isa 22:24| is commonly used for a bottle or vessel, originally probably a skin, but in later times a piece of pottery. #Isa 30:14|

flagon in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

FLAG'ON . The Hebrew word so translated in 2 Sam 6:19; 1 Chr 16:3; Song 2:5; Hos 3:1 (cf. margin) means a "cake," ordinarily of compressed raisins. The last-quoted text shows that such cakes were offered to idols. But in Isa 22:24 the word "flagon" is the correct translation of the Hebrew.

flagon in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A large, two-handled jar for storing wine (Isaiah 22:24 KJV; Exodus 25:29; Exodus 37:16; REB, NRSV). The Hebrew term ashishah translated as flagon by the KJV (2 Samuel 6:19; 1 Chronicles 16:3; Song of Solomon 2:5; Hosea 3:1) refers to a cake of raisins, often used as offerings to idols.