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firepan in Easton's Bible Dictionary

(Ex. 27:3; 38:3), one of the vessels of the temple service (rendered "snuff-dish" Ex. 25:38; 37:23; and "censer" Lev. 10:1; 16:12). It was probably a metallic cinder-basin used for the purpose of carrying live coal for burning incense, and of carrying away the snuff in trimming the lamps.

firepan in Smith's Bible Dictionary

one of the vessels of the temple service. #Ex 27:3; 38:3; 2Ki 25:15; Jer 52:19| The same word is elsewhere rendered "snuff-dish," #Ex 25:38; 37:23; Nu 4:9| and "censer." #Le 10:1; 16:12; Nu 16:6| ff. There appear, therefore, to have been two articles so called: one, like a chafing-dish, to carry live coals for the purpose of burning incense; another, like a snuffer-dish, to be used in trimming the lamps, in order to carry the snuffers and convey away the snuff.