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farthing in Easton's Bible Dictionary

(1.) Matt. 10:29; Luke 12:6. Greek assarion, i.e., a small "as", which was a Roman coin equal to a tenth of a denarius or drachma, nearly equal to a halfpenny of our money. (2.) Matt. 5:26; Mark 12:42 (Gr. kodrantes), the quadrant, the fourth of an "as", equal to two lepta, mites. The lepton (mite) was the very smallest copper coin.

farthing in Smith's Bible Dictionary

Two names of coins in the New Testament are rendered in the Authorized Version by this word: 1. Quadrans, #Mt 5:26; Mr 12:42| a coin current in the time of our Lord, equivalent to three-eights of a cent; 2. The assarion, equal to one cent and a half, #Mt 10:29; Lu 12:6|

farthing in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

FAR'THING . Two Greek words are translated " farthing" in the N.T.:(1) the kodrantes, worth about three eighths of a cent; (2) the assarion, A Farthing worth about a cent and a half. See Money.

farthing in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

See Coins.