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fair havens in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a harbour in the south of Crete, some 5 miles to the east of which was the town of Lasea (Acts 27:8). Here the ship of Alexandria in which Paul and his companions sailed was detained a considerable time waiting for a favourable wind. Contrary to Paul's advice, the master of the ship determined to prosecute the voyage, as the harbour was deemed incommodious for wintering in (9-12). The result was that, after a stormy voyage, the vessel was finally wrecked on the coast of Malta (27:40-44).

fair havens in Smith's Bible Dictionary

a harbor in the island of Crete, #Ac 27:8| though not mentioned in any other ancient writing, is still known by its own Greek name, and appears to have been the harbor of Lasaea.

fair havens in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

FAIR HA'VENS , a harbor on the southern shore of the island of Crete. Acts 27:8-10,Acts 27:21. It is about midway between the eastern and western ends of the island, and is still known as Kalous Limionas, or "Fair Havens." It is a fair winter harbor, though not as good as Phoenice, 40 miles westward.

fair havens in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

(fayr hay' vihss) An open bay on the southern coast of Crete near the city of Lasea. Protected only by small islands, it did not appear to be a safe harbor for winter, so the sailors of the ship carrying Paul to Rome decided to try to reach Phenice. They refused to listen to Paul's warnings and were caught in a ferocious storm (Acts 27:8-20).