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eutychus in Easton's Bible Dictionary

fortunate, (Acts 20:9-12), a young man of Troas who fell through drowsiness from the open window of the third floor of the house where Paul was preaching, and was "taken up dead." The lattice-work of the window being open to admit the air, the lad fell out and down to the court below. Paul restored him to life again. (Compare 1 Kings 17:21; 2 Kings 4:34.)

eutychus in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fortunate), a youth at Troas, #Ac 20:9| who sitting in a window, and having fallen asleep while St. Paul was discoursing, fell from the third story, and being taken up dead, was miraculously restored to life by the apostle.

eutychus in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EU'TYCHUS (fortunate), the name of a young man who fell from the third story of a house where Paul was preaching in Troas, and was restored by him to life. Acts 20:9.

eutychus in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Acts 20:9. A youth who sat in a window and, falling asleep during Paul's long and late discourse, fell from the third story, and was restored to life by the apostle, who fell on the dead body and embraced it, as Elijah of old (1 Kings 17:21), and Elisha (2 Kings 4:34).