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eshtaol in Easton's Bible Dictionary

narrow pass or recess, a town (Josh. 15:33) in the low country, the She-phelah of Judah. It was allotted to the tribe of Dan (Josh. 19:41), and was one of their strongholds. Here Samson spent his boyhood, and first began to show his mighty strength; and here he was buried in the burying-place of Manoah his father (Judg. 13:25; 16:31; 18:2, 8, 11, 12). It is identified with the modern Yeshua, on a hill 2 miles east of Zorah. Others, however, identify it with Kustul, east of Kirjath-jearim.

eshtaol in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(a pass), a town in the low country --the Shefelah --of Judah, after wards allotted to Dan. #Jos 15:33; 19:41| Here Samson spent his boyhood, and hither after his last exploit his body was brought. #Jud 13:25; 16:31; 18:2,8,11,12|

eshtaol in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ESH'TAOL (recess, or hollow way), a town in the lowlands of Judah, Josh 15:33; given to Dan 19:41. It was the region of Samson's boyhood and burial. Jud 13:25; Jud 16:31. The Danites went out from thence. Jud 18:2-11. Robinson and others suggest Yeshua as its site; Black proposes Eshu'a, 1 mile east of Sura (Zoreah); and Grove proposes Kustul, east of Kuryet-el-Enab.

eshtaol in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A town in the shephelah or low country of Judah (Joshua 15:33; Joshua 19:41), allotted to Daniel On the Philistine border between Azotus and Askelon. Here Samson spent his boyhood, and hither his remains were finally carried to the burying ground of Manoah his father (Judges 13:25; Judges 16:31; Judges 18:2; Judges 18:8; Judges 18:11-12). Between the Danite towns Zorah and Eshtaol and behind Kirjath Jearim was Mahaneh-Dan, the standing camp of the little host exposed to constant warfare with the Philistines; a neighborhood well calculated to train Samson for his after encounters with that race. As Kirjath Jearim is now Kuriet-el-Enab, and Zorah is Suz'ah, seven miles S.W. of it, Eshtaol is Kustul, a conical hill an hour's journey S.E. from Kuriet-el-Enab toward Jerusalem. This fulfills the requisite condition that Kirjath Jearim should lie between Eshtaol and Zorah. E. Wilton (Imperial Bible Dictionary) identifies Eshtaol with Um Eshteiyeh, 12 Roman miles from Beit Jibrin (Eleutheropolis), agreeing with Eusebius' statement that it is ten miles distant. Jerome says Jarmuth was near, which agrees with the fact that Yarmak is near Eshtaol; Zanua (Zanoah) is also near. Black (Israel Exploration) identifies Eshtaol with Eshu'a.