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en-hakkore in Easton's Bible Dictionary

fountain of the crier, the name of the spring in Lehi which burst forth in answer to Samson's prayer when he was exhausted with the slaughter of the Philistines (Judg. 15:19). It has been identified with the spring 'Ayun Kara, near Zoreah.

en-hakkore in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EN-HAK'KORE (fountain of the crier), a spring opened for Samson. Jud 15:19. Milton refers to it in Samson Agonistes: "God, who caused a fountain at thy prayer From the dry ground to spring, thy thirst to alay, After the brunt of battle, can as easy Cause light again within thine eyes to spring." "Samson's Spring" was pointed out on the way from Sochoh to Eleutheropolis from the time of Jerome to the fourteenth century, but Robinson rejects this site; Van de Velde suggests a large spring near Tell el-Lekiyeh, 4 miles from Beer-sheba. This, however, is 30 miles from Gaza, while Samson's exploit was probably much nearer that city. Conder found near Zoreah a spring called 'Ayun Kara, which name seemed to resemble En-hakkore.