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en-eglaim Summary and Overview

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en-eglaim in Easton's Bible Dictionary

fountain of two calves, a place mentioned only in Ezek. 47:10. Somewhere near the Dead Sea.

en-eglaim in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fountain of the two calves), a place named only by Ezekiel, #Eze 47:10| apparently as on the Dead Sea; but whether near to or far from Engedi, on the east or the west side of the sea, it is impossible to ascertain.

en-eglaim in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EN-EG'LAIM , OR EN-EGLA'IM (fountain of two heifers), apparently a place near the Dead Sea, and possibly 'Ain-Ajlah, as suggested by De Sanley. Eze 47:10.

en-eglaim in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("spring of two calves".) Ezekiel 47:10. On the confines of Moab, over against Engedi, near where Jordan enters the Dead Sea (Isaiah 15:8). The two limits, Engedi and En-eglaim, comprise the whole Dead Sea.