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en-dor in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fountain of Dor), a place in the territory of Issachar, and yet possessed by Manasseh. #Jos 17:11| Endor was the scene of the great victory over Sisera and Jabin. It was here that the witch dwelt whom Saul consulted. #1Sa 28:7| it was known to Eusebius, who describes it was a large village four miles south of Tabor. Here to the north of Jebel Duhy the name still lingers. The distance from the slopes of Gilboa to Endor is seven or eight miles, over difficult ground.

en-dor in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EN'-DOR (spring of Dor),a placein Issachar, possessed by Manasseh, Josh 17:11, where Sisera and Jabin were slain, Ps 83:9-10, and where Saul consulted the witch, 1 Sam 28:7. It is now a miserable village called Endor, about 6 1/2 miles from Jezreel. ENDOWS See Dowry.