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emerods in Smith's Bible Dictionary

#De 28:27; 1Sa 5:6,9,12; 6:4,5,11| Probably hemorrhiodal tumors, or bleeding piles, are intended. These are very common in Syria at present, Oriental habits of want of exercise and improper food, producing derangement of the liver, constipation, etc., being such as to cause them.

emerods in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EM'ERODS . 1 Sam 5:6, 1 Sam 5:9. The name of a painful disease sent upon the Philistines: probably it resembled the modern disease of the piles. It was customary with the heathens to offer to their gods figures of wax or metal representing the parts which had been cured of disease, whence it is inferred, in connection with 1 Sam 6:5, that the priests and diviners of the Philistines recommended a similar course.

emerods in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

(hemorrhoids, or bleeding tumors in the intestinal rectum, frequent in Syria still, owing to lack of exercise producing constipation). The images made of them mean images of the part affected (1 Samuel 5:6-12; 1 Samuel 6:4-11; Deuteronomy 28:27).