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elioenai in Easton's Bible Dictionary

toward Jehovah are my eyes, the name of several men mentioned in the Old Testament (1 Chr. 7:8; 4:36; Ezra 10:22, 27). Among these was the eldest son of Neariah, son of Shemaiah, of the descendants of Zerubbabel. His family are the latest mentioned in the Old Testament (1 Chr. 3:23, 24).

elioenai in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ELIOE'NAI (toward Jehovah are my eyes). 1. Head of a Benjamite family. 1 Chr 7:8. 2. Head of a Simeonite family. 1 Chr 4:36. 3. A Korhite Levite. 1 Chr 26:3. 4. One of David's descendants. 1 Chr 3:23-24. 5. A priest who had a foreign wife. Ezr 10:22

elioenai in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("toward Jehovah my eyes are turned".) 1. 1 Chronicles 7:8. 2. 1 Chronicles 4:36. 3. 1 Chronicles 26:3. 4. In the seventh generation from Zerubbabel, contemporary with Alexander the Great, but the Hebrew (1 Chronicles 3:23-24) is probably an error, and Shemaiah, grandfather of Elioenai and father of Neariah, Elioenai's father, is probably Shimei, Zerubbabel's brother. 5. Ezra 10:22; compare Nehemiah 12:41. 6. Ezra 10:27; Nehemiah 7:13; Nehemiah 10:14.