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eliasaph in Smith's Bible Dictionary

1. Head of the tribe of Dan at the time of the census in the wilderness of Sinai. #Nu 1:14; 2:14; 7:42,47; 10:20| (B.C. 1490.) 2. A levite, and "chief of the Gershonites" at the same time. #Nu 3:24|

eliasaph in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

ELI'ASAPH (whom God added). 1. The chief of Gad when the second census was taken. Num 1:14; Num 2:14; Num 7:42, Num 7:47; Num 10:20. 2. A Levite. Num 3:24.

eliasaph in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. Numbers 1:14; Numbers 2:14; Numbers 7:42; Numbers 7:47; Numbers 10:20. 2. Numbers 3:24.