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ehi in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(my brother), head of one of the Benjamite houses according to the list in #Ge 46:21| He seems to be the same as Ahiram in the list in #Nu 26:38| In #1Ch 8:1| he is called Aharah, and perhaps also Ahoah in ver. 4, Ahiah, ver. 7, and Aher, #1Ch 7:12|

ehi in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

E'HI (my brother), a son of Benjamin, Gen 46:21; called Ahiram, Num 26:38; Aher, 1 Chr 7:10; Aharah, 1 Chr 8:1.

ehi in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Genesis 46:21. Ahiram is probably the full name (Numbers 26:38); 1 Chronicles 8:1, Aharah; 1 Chronicles 8:4, Ahoah; 1 Chronicles 8:7, Ahiah.