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edar in Easton's Bible Dictionary

tower of the flock, a tower between Bethlehem and Hebron, near which Jacob first halted after leaving Bethlehem (Gen. 35:21). In Micah 4:8 the word is rendered "tower of the flock" (marg., "Edar"), and is used as a designation of Bethlehem, which figuratively represents the royal line of David as sprung from Bethlehem.

edar in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

E'DAR (tower of the flock). Gen 36:21. Conder would place it on the Shepherds' plain, about 1 mile east of Bethlehem; Jerome states that it was 1000 paces from that city. E'DEN " (pleasantness). 1. The home of Adam and Eve before their fall. Gen 2:15. Its site has not been fixed. Two of its rivers are identified, the Euphrates, and the Hiddekel or Tigris; the others are disputed. Some say Gihon was the Nile and Pison the Indus. The best authorities agree that the "garden of Eden eastward" was in the highlands of Armenia, or in the valley of the Euphrates, but its precise location cannot be determined. The Bible, after the history of the fall of our first parents, withdraws paradise lost from our view, and directs our hope to the more glorious paradise of the future, with its river of life and tree of life. Rev 22:2. 2. A region conquered by the Assyrians, 2 Kgs 19:12; Isa 37:12; probably in Mesopotamia, near modern Balis, and same as the Eden of Eze 27:23. 3. The house of Eden. Am 1:5. See Beth-eden.