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ebony in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a black, hard wood, brought by the merchants from India to Tyre (Ezek. 27:15). It is the heart-wood, brought by Diospyros ebenus, which grows in Ceylon and Southern India.

ebony in Smith's Bible Dictionary

#Eze 27:15| one of the valuable commodities imported into Tyre by the men of Dedan; a hard, heavy and durable wood, which admits of a fine polish or gloss. The most usual color is black, but it also occurs red or green. The black is the heart of a tree called Diospyros ebenum. It was imported from India or Ceylon by Phoenician traders.

ebony in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

EB'ONY . Eze 27:15. A black, heavy, and very hard wood, which was brought to ancient Tyre from India. It is susceptible of a fine polish, and is used for musical instruments and ornamental work. Ebony is the heart-wood of a tree (Diospyros ebenus) of the same genus with the persimmon of our warmer States, and, like that tree, bears an edible fruit.

ebony in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A dark hard wood, Diospyros ebenum, growing in Ethiopia, India, and the Mauritius (Ezekiel 27:15). The dark portion is in the heart of the trunk.