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derbe in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a small town on the eastern part of the upland plain of Lycaonia, about 20 miles from Lystra. Paul passed through Derbe on his route from Cilicia to Iconium, on his second missionary journey (Acts 16:1), and probably also on his third journey (18:23; 19:1). On his first journey (14:20, 21) he came to Derbe from the other side; i.e., from Iconium. It was the native place of Gaius, one of Paul's companions (20:4). He did not here suffer persecution (2 Tim. 3:11).

derbe in Smith's Bible Dictionary

#Ac 14:20,21; 16:1; 20:4| The exact position of this town has not yet been ascertained, but its general situation is undoubted. It was in the eastern part of the great upland plain of Lycaonia, which stretched from Iconium eastward along the north side of the chain of Taurus. (Rev. L. H. Adams, a missionary, identifies it with the modern Divle, a town of about 4500 inhabitants, on the ancient road between Tarsus and Lystra.--ED.)

derbe in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

DER'BE , a city of Lyeaonia, Acts 14:16, Ruth 4:20; Mark 16:1, about 20 miles from Lystra. Kiepert places it near Lake Ak-Ghieul, but Hamilton at Diele, several miles farther south.

derbe in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Near Lystra, E. of the upland plain of Lycaonia, stretching eastwards along the N. of the Taurus range. Probably near the pass ("the Cilician gates") from the plain of Cilicia up to the table land of the interior. Paul fled there from Iconium and Lystra (Acts 14:6; Acts 14:20-21; Acts 16:1). In enumerating places (2 Timothy 3:11) he mentions Lystra but not Derbe, though in the independent history they are mentioned together: a delicate instance of accuracy, for he is here enumerating only those places where he suffered persecution. Gaius or Caius belonged to Derbe, Paul's companion in travel (Acts 20:4). Identified by Hamilton (Researches in Asia Minor, 2:313) with Dirle, near the roots of Taurus near lake Ak-gol.