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dathan in Easton's Bible Dictionary

welled; belonging to a fountain, a son of Eliab, a Reubenite, who joined Korah (q.v.) in his conspiracy, and with his accomplices was swallowed up by an earthquake (Num. 16:1; 26:9; Deut. 11:6; Ps. 106:17).

dathan in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(belonging to a fountain) a Reubenite chieftain, son of Eliab, who joined the conspiracy of Korah the Levite. #Nu 16:1; 26:9; De 11:6; Ps 106:17| (B.C. 1490-1452).

dathan in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

DA'THAN (belonging to a fountain), a Reubenite chieftain who joined in Korah's rebellion. Num 16; Num 26:9; Deut 11:6; Ps 106:17. DAUGH'TER is used in the Bible in several other senses than the literal one. It describes a female descendant. Gen 27:46, the women of a city or country. Gen 36:2, or women in general, Prov 31:29; the female worshippers of an idol, Mal 2:11; cities and their dependent towns. In Eccl 12:4 "daughters of music" are singing-women.

dathan in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

(See AARON; ABIRAM; KORAH.) He and Abiram , sons of Reuben, conspired with Korah against Moses and Aaron (Numbers 16:1-26; Numbers 16:9-11; Deuteronomy 11:6; Psalm 106:17).