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chenaanah in Easton's Bible Dictionary

merchant. (1.) A Benjamite (1 Chr. 7:10). (2.) The father of Zedekiah (1 Kings 22:11, 24).

chenaanah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(merchant). 1. Son of Bilhan, son of Jediael, son of Benjamin, head of a Benjamite house, #1Ch 7:10| probably of the family of the Belaites. [BELA] 2. Father or ancestor of Zedekiah the false prophet. #1Ki 22:11,24; 2Ch 18:10,23|

chenaanah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

CHENA'ANAH (merchant) 1. The father of the false prophet Zedekiah. 1 Kgs 22:11, Jud 6:24; 2 Chr 18:10, Heb 12:23. 2. A Benjamite. 1 Chr 7:10; perhaps same as the preceding.

chenaanah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Feminine of Canaan. 1. Among Benjamin's descendants; son of Bilhan (1 Chronicles 7:10). 2. The false prophet Zedekiah's father or ancestor (1 Kings 22:11-24).