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bukki in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(wasting). 1. Son of Abishua and father of Uzzi fifth from Aaron in the line of the high priests in #1Ch 6:5, 6:5,51| (Authorized Version), and in the genealogy of Ezra. #Ezr 7:4| 2. Son of Jogli, prince of the tribe of Dan, one of the ten men chosen to apportion the land of Canaan between the tribes. #Nu 34:22|

bukki in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BUK'KI (wasting). 1. The Danite chief chosen of the Lord to represent his tribe in the division of the Land of Promise. Num 34:22. 2. One of the high-priestly line. 1 Chr 6:5, Jer 25:51; Ezr 7:4. Probably he was never the high priest.

bukki in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. Abishua's son; father of Uzzi; fifth in the high priestly line through Eleazar from Aaron (1 Chronicles 6:5; 1 Chronicles 6:51). Abishua seems to have had the high priesthood; but Bukki not so, the office having passed to the house of Ithamar, until Zadok, of the family of Eleazar, was made high priest in David's reign. 2. Son of Jogli, and prince of Dan, one of the ten chosen to divide Canaan among the tribes (Numbers 34:22).