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beth-dagon Summary and Overview

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beth-dagon in Easton's Bible Dictionary

house of Dagon. (1.) A city in the low country or plain of Judah, near Philistia (Josh. 15:41); the modern Beit Degan, about 5 miles from Lydda. (2.) A city near the south-east border of Asher (Josh. 19:27). It was a Philistine colony. It is identical with the modern ruined village of Tell D'auk.

beth-dagon in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(house of Dagon). 1. A city in the low country of Judah, #Jos 15:41| and therefore not far from the Philistine territory. 2. A town apparently near the coast, named as one of the landmarks of the boundary of Asher. #Jos 19:27|

beth-dagon in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BETH-DA'GON (house of Dagon). 1. A town in Judah, near Philistia. Josh 15:41. Perhaps at Beit Dejan. 2. A place in Asher. Josh 19:27. Ganneau locates it at Deijun, southwest of Ekron; Conder, at Tell D'auk.