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berothah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(toward the wells), Bero'-tha-i (my wells). The first of these two names is given by Ezekiel, #Eze 47:16| in connection with Hahlath and Damascus as forming part of the northern boundary of the promised land. The second is mentioned, #2Sa 8:8| in the same connection. The well-known city Beirut (Berytus) naturally suggests itself as identical with one at least of the names; but in each instance the circumstances of the case seem to require a position farther east. They were probably in the vicinity of the springs near the present Hasbeya.

berothah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BERO'THAH (my wells), one in the north of Palestine, Eze 47:16, the other in the same region, 2 Sam 8:8. The two may be the same, and possibly modern Beirut, but more probably farther east, at Brithen or Bretun, about 6 miles south-west of Baalbec.

berothah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary