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beeroth in Easton's Bible Dictionary

wells, one of the four cities of the Hivites which entered by fraud into a league with Joshua. It belonged to Benjamin (Josh. 18:25). It has by some been identified with el-Bireh on the way to Nablus, 10 miles north of Jerusalem.

beeroth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BEE'ROTH (wells), one of four Hivite cities. Josh 9:17; now el-Bireh, 10 miles north of Jerusalem. See Beer, 2.

beeroth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("wells".) One of the four Hivite cities (the others being Gibeon, Chephirah, and Kirjath Jearim: Joshua 9:17), which obtained peace with Joshua by false pretenses. Allotted to Benjamin (Joshua 18:25). Ishbosheth's murderers Baanah and Rechab, and their father Rimmon, belonged to it. Its original occupants repaired to the Philistine Gittaim (Nehemiah 11:33; 2 Samuel 4:2-3; 2 Samuel 4:7). The men of Beeroth were among those who returned from Babylon (Ezra 2:25). Now El-bireh, on the road to Nablus, ten miles N. of Jerusalem, below a ridge bounding the northward view. The traditional site of Jesus' parents not finding Him in their company (Luke 2:43-45). The usual halt at the first day's close for caravans going N. from Jerusalem. Naharai, one of David's mighty men, was a Beerothite (1 Chronicles 11:39).