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bdellium in Easton's Bible Dictionary

occurs only in Gen. 2:12, where it designates a product of the land of Havilah; and in Num. 11:7, where the manna is likened to it in colour. It was probably an aromatic gum like balsam which exuded from a particular tree (Borassus flabelliformis) still found in Arabia, Media, and India. It bears a resemblance in colour to myrrh. Others think the word denotes "pearls," or some precious stone.

bdellium in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(bedolach). #Ge 2:12; Nu 11:7| It is quite impossible to say whether bedolach denotes a mineral or an animal production or a vegetable exudation. Bdellium is an odoriferous exudation from a tree which is perhaps the Borassus flabelliformis, Lin., of Arabia Felix.

bdellium in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BDELL'IUM . Gen 2:12. After much discussion, it is still impossible to say whether bdellium is a mineral, an animal production (pearl), or a vegetable exudation. It is probably the latter. There is a gum produced in the East Indies which has the same name and is thought by many to be the same substance. It resembles myrrh in color, and is of a bitter taste. Num 11:7.

bdellium in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Bedolach (Genesis 2:12), a production of Havilah. Numbers 11:7; "The color of the manna was as the color of Bdellium." A gum exuding from a tree (the Borassus flabelliformis) in Arabia, India, and Babylonia, white and transparent, according to some; but this is hardly precious enough to be ranked with the gold and precious stones of Havilah. Others, a precious stone, crystal or beryl. This hardly suits Genesis 2:12, where "stone" is added to onyx, but not to it. Gesenius therefore takes it pearls, found abundant at the Persian gulf. This answers to the parallel comparison of manna to the white hoar frost on the ground (Exodus 16:14). Smith's Dictionary Appendix adheres to its being a gum.