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bashemath in Easton's Bible Dictionary

sweet-smelling. (1.) The daughter of Ishmael, the last of Esau's three wives (Gen. 36:3, 4, 13), from whose son Reuel four tribes of the Edomites sprung. She is also called Mahalath (Gen. 28:9). It is noticeable that Esau's three wives receive different names in the genealogical table of the Edomites (Gen. 36) from those given to them in the history (Gen. 26:34; 28:9). (2.) A daughter of Solomon, and wife of Ahimaaz, one of his officers (1 Kings 4:15).

bashemath in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(fragrant, pleasing), daughter of Ishmael, the last married of the three wives of Esau. #Ge 26:34; 36:3,4,13| (B.C. after 1797.) In #Ge 28:9| she is called Mahalath.

bashemath in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BASH'EMATH (pleasing), one of Esau's wives. Gen 26:34; Gen 36:3, Gen 36:10, Gen 36:13, Gen 36:17. Assyrian Basins. (British Museum.)

bashemath in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("fragrant".). 1. The Hittite Elon's daughter; wife of Esau (Genesis 26:34). Called Adah in the genealogy of Edom (Genesis 36:2-3). (See ADAH.) Bashemath is doubtless a name of praise conferred on her at marriage. 2. Ishmael's daughter; the last of Esau's three wives according to the Edomite genealogy inserted by Moses (Genesis 36:3-4; Genesis 36:13). From her son Reuel four Edomite tribes descended. Called MAHALATH in the narrative, Genesis 28:9. Esau's Seirite wife, called Judith daughter of Beeri in the narrative (Genesis 26:34), is called Arolibamah (the name of a district in Idumaea) the genealogy (Genesis 36:41). frontAROLIBAMAH.) 3. Solomon's daughter, married to Ahimaaz, one of his commissariat officers (1 Kings 4:15).