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balances in Smith's Bible Dictionary

Reference to balances is found in #Le 19:36| They were in common use, gold and silver being paid out and received by weight. Reference is also made in #Mic 6:11; Ho 12:7| to the dishonest practice of buying by heavier and selling by lighter weights.

balances in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BAL'ANCES . Lev 19:36. In the early periods of the world gold and silver were paid by weight, so that persons employed in traffic of any kind carried with them a pair of scales or balances and different weights (generally stones of different sizes) in a pouch or bag. Dishonest men would carry two sorts of weights, the lighter to sell with, and the other to buy with. This explains the allusions Mic 6:11; Hos 12:7. In pictures on monuments is represented a balance in which the scales are simply a pair of weights. There are two bags of money which are to be equalized, one of which is a standard. Egyptian Balancer weighing Rings of Gold. (After Wilkinson.) The scribe stands by to register the result.