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THE BABY'LONIAN CAP'TIVITY Nor was the kingdom of Judah long left unmolested. Jewish Captives before Darius. (From Ancient Bas-relief at Fersepolis. ) In Hezekiah's reign Sennacherib, king of Assyria, took the fenced cities of Judah, b.c. 713, and would have taken Jerusalem had Hezekiah not sent him a heavy tribute. 2 Kgs 18:13. His next attempt on the city, which occurred some little time after, was defeated by a miracle. 2 Kgs 19:35. Nebuchadnezzar repeatedly overran the kingdom of Judah, the first time in the third year of Jehoiakim. He carried a few captives to Babylon, among whom were Daniel and his companions, b.c. 606. 2 Kgs 24:1; Dan 1:1-4. In the tenth or eleventh year of Jehoiakim he came again, b.c. 698, 2 Chr 36:6, and a third time in the eighth year of the reign of Jehoiachin. This invasion resulted in the carrying away of 10,000 Jews. 2 Kgs 24:10-16. The 70 years' captivity began when Nebuchadnezzar, for the fourth time, invaded Judea, b.c. 588. 2 Kgs 25:1. The king, Zedekiah, was taken, his sons slain, the temple burnt and the city despoiled, and the greater part of the population carried into Babylonia. Jer 52:8-13.