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baalath in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a town of the tribe of Dan (Josh. 19:44). It was fortified by Solomon (1 Kings 9:18; 2 Chr. 8:6). Some have identified it with Bel'ain, in Wady Deir Balut.

baalath in Smith's Bible Dictionary

[BAAL, Nos. 3,4]

baalath in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BA'ALATH , a town in Dan, Josh 19:44; probably the same that was fortified by Solomon. 1 Kgs 9:18; 2 Chr 8:6. Conder proposes to identify it with the ruin Bel'ain, in Wady Deir Ballat; Canon Cook suggests it may be near Mount Baalah, or modern Yebna.

baalath in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A town of Dan, enlarged by Solomon (1 Kings 9:18; 2 Chronicles 8:6).